Essay Thesis?


Hello!  It’s Paulie 😃.  Apparently the suspicions of myself and a few of my peers were accurate… We were given an essay prompt today!  I love writing, so I was okay…  Sorta.

The prompt is:

Geoffrey Chaucer was writing his “Canterbury Tales” roughly around 300 years before Shakespeare even put pen to paper…

Um… Wouldn’t it be like Quill to Parchment back then?

…The short article above (Which I am not retyping in its entirety right now) gives an indication of how Shakespeare uses the idea of fate fortune in his works.  You must write an essay in which you compare and contrast the idea of fate/fortune as presented in Chaucer’s “The Knight’s Tale” with its presentation in a play of your choosing by Shakespeare.

Despite our teacher’s reiterating that we will not be choosing the prompt this time, there is a small choice, we do get to pick the play (Which is a pretty big decision).

Still, I am a little cautious with this essay.  I feel it could go either way, like when a super health conscious friend wants you to try a new “dessert” they made using artichokes or something.


This could basically go either way.

The first step ( I think) to take would be to try to think of Shakespeare plays where Fate and Fortune play a crucial role.

*Flips through a few books*

My two top choices at this moment are “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and “A Winter’s Tale”.  The prompt doesn’t exactly specify that we can only use one Shakespeare play, so I think I will go with both.  My reasons for choosing them because they have the most chance in them.  In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, it was completely by luck that everyone was mixed up and jumbled.  In “A Winter’s Tale”, nothing but a perfectly aligned chain of coincidences cause the old king to be re-united with Perdita, his lost daughter, and his “Supposedly-Dead” wife.

How about:

Fortune and fate play a large part in “The Knight’s Tale”, as well as many works by Shakespeare because it adds suspense to a story that might not make sense or be interesting otherwise.



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