Canterbury Tales: The Knight’s Tale Part I: Forgivness

…’Have pity , Lord on our disgrace,

And let our sorrow sink into your heart.

For some reason, this line kept me thinking.  “Let our sorrow sink into your heart.”  This kind of empathy is difficult, even sometimes for the best of friends, but this woman is asking it of someone she barely knows.  Letting the sorrow of someone else sink into your heart is an amazing thing.  I, being Paulie, will never be able to be… let’s use the generic name: Jim.  I can be Jim’s best friend, and know everything about him, but if I am a bad friend I might not think about him.  If I do not know his feelings, or do anything specifically because I know it will give him a smile (even if It is hard for me to do) how can I call myself a friend?

Friendship is something special.  Knowing that there is someone out there who would travel half-way across the world to make you smile is a magical thing.  You can’t have a good friend without being a good friend.  If anything, (most of the time) being a good friend makes good friendships.  This doesn’t apply if the other person is using you or isn’t interested for another reason or indifferent.  Just make sure that you are the caring one.



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