Weekly Wrap Up: You Are Doing Well!

Not Mine

Not Mine

This meme has been waiting to be created!  If we posted it around school, we would be able to get rid of our cough-drop budget because we wouldn’t be constantly saying “You are doing well”, and reiterating, “I am doing well.”

I hope that made someone giggle 🙂

This week seemed decently normal, but a tad behind schedule.  We were going to play a vocabulary game again, hopefully the sequel to the story of the Princess who fell off her balcony, but sadly it got postponed.  Hopefully we will pick up the tale (and our grades) in the next week!

Publican and the Pharisee today?  WHAT!  GREAT LENT IS ONLY A FEW WEEKS AWAY!

It looks like the time that we use to prepare for Pascha is almost upon us again:  Great and Holy Lent.  It is a time we dedicate to God, striving to become closer to Him.  I wonder how that will reflect with our English Class?  What awaits us as we get ready to fast for over 40 days  celebrate Pascha!

Nice Save

I hope everyone has had a great week and enjoys the NOT FASTING Blessings of the next week!

Close Call there too 🙂

-Paulie 😀





2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: You Are Doing Well!

  1. Hello person I totally don’t know… I’m wondering how you came to the conclusion that we did not do a lot in English, as I felt it was very stressful but maybe that’s just me?

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