Weekly Wrap-Up: Big VS Little

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year! One of my favorite decorations are little Christmas trees!  They are just so cute!

Not mine!

Not mine!

This week might have seen to be little in that we just all got back, but that isn’t the case.

This week:  Big VS Little

We wrapped-up with the Iliad and are beginning to unwrap Geoffry Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Before we started Chaucer’s work, we all did a small in-class essay about the similarities about people’s relationships in “King Lear” and “The Iliad”.  I wrote about how Goneril and Regan’s relationship with their father and his favorite, Cordelia, might have paralleled the feelings and thought going through the sons of Priam when Hector dies, and Priam openly exclaims how Hector was his favorite, and how he would rather all his other sons die instead of Hector.  This seemingly “little” paper actually cleared up a lot of the confusion surrounding “The Iliad” for us, and made everyone’s relationships clearer.  Even though it was a “little” paper, it made a big impact on our understanding not only of this piece of literature, but how many works all carry similar themes and ideas.  Just like how the seemingly “little” Christmas trees remind me of the holiday we are (or were) celebrating, and how Christ became man to save us.  A little child, about to do a big thing.  Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Also Not mine :)

Also Not mine 🙂

Thanks to everyone for a great 2013, and let’s all have a great New Year together!

-Paulie 😄


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