The Iliad (End of Book 6)

Hello Hello Hello!!!


Now for attack! We’ll set all this to rights,

someday, if Zeus will ever let us raise

the winebowl of freedom in our halls,

high to the gods of cloud and sky who live forever-

once we drive the Argives geared for battle out of Troy!

Ooh!  A battle cry!  The end of book 6 has left everyone hungry for more, especially with this cry that will probably remain in our memories for a while!  The Trojans were saying that the invasion of the Argives was unjust, and that freedom will only be gained with their removal from Troy.  “If Zeus… halls,” means that they are saying that if Zeus will ever grant freedom in Troy ever, that the invaders will have to go.  Then we have a line that goes on a short tangent to give some information about the gods (1. They are immortal 2. They live in the sky), and then gives the actual command for the removal of the Argives.  Oohh!  I can’t wait to see how the command gets carried out in the next book!


-Paulie-kun 🙂


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