ENTER! THE ILIAD! (Book 1: line 400)

Hello Everyone!  It’s Paulie (Like that’s a big surprise!)

Ah!  The winter weather has really been kicking in!  It got very cold today and I was glad I was wearing a scarf ^-^.

So, I received my new book: The Iliad.  I guess it is sort of a nice temporary break from Shakespeare (No Offense To Shakespeare or anything).  Heroes, War, Strength:  All Things I hope to see in this book!  Wait a sec!  It’s no book:  Its an epic poem!  Now, I’ve read some nice epic poems, and some that have made me want to call Len over with his Road Roller to destroy them!

Not Mine!

Not Mine!

One of the best things to do before reading a book is gather some background information.  If you are going to start the Iliad, then it would be best to do some research!

And don’t do your research Konata Style

Okay, so let’s actually talk about the Iliad!

So, it is a Greek epic poem attributed to Homer, written in Dactylic Hexameter (Just like Evangeline, which I read not to long ago!).  The book is obviously set during the Trojan war, and starts with an argument between King Agamemnon and Achilles.  I went ahead and read a little bit!

the goddess Athena answered, / “Down from the skies I come to check your rage

The poem cuts to the chase with Achilles and Agamemnon arguing, to the point that Athena and Hera have to come down and yell at them.  That’s basically like Tim Cooks yelling at some retail store worker in Texas for not smiling or something.  (And Tim Cooks isn’t an ancient greek god!)  The text doesn’t only name people, but describes them a little bit before saying their name.  For example, it says that Athena has grey eyes.  The text is very confusing though, hope we clear it all up soon.

So!  I’m excited to read the rest of this book/poem!

-Paulie! 😝

PS: This isn’t a problem we have in winter! 🙂


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