Fate (End of King Lear)

Finally! The Grand Finale is here!

And It was more grand than I expected.

Lets look at the reunion of Lear and his daughter Cordelia, the first of many that he disowned.

Lear: … I think this lady to be my child Cordelia

This calling of Cordelia, referring to her as his child, shows a sharp contrast to the first time we saw the both of them in Act 1.  Here, instead of renouncing all love and duty to her, he accepts her as his child, sort of de-disowning her.  Cordelia could have told him “Oh you, you disowned me, I don’t love you!  You took away my iPhone!  I hate you!  You’re the worst dad ever!”, but instead shows him, the horrible father he is, love!  She shows Lear love and takes care of him, to the point where even Lear is confused!

Edgar: The weight of this sad time we must obey; Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say

This is the first few lines of the last few lines of the play.  Here Edgar is saying that they just saw everyone die.  Being sensitive isn’t going to bring everyone back and tact is not going to heal anything in this great tragedy.  He says everyone should be honest about their feelings, and not what they should (or feel they should) say.  This sort of ties in with the beginning of the play, where words of love decided all the daughter’s dowries.



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