“O That Way Madness Lies” (King Lear Act 3 Scenes 3 and 4)

Lear: O Regan, Goneril, You old kind father whose frank heart gave all- O that way madness lies, let me shun that.

Personally, I’m enjoying how Lear is like “I’m going crazy I better not go crazy I’m loosing my mind” for the past few scenes, but I think there is a deeper meaning…. I just haven’t found out what it is yet!

Maybe the next few lines will give us some insight.

Oh no, It’s just Edgar running around scaring the living daylights out of everyone…. I wondered where he went.

[It’s about time he showed up.  I thought we’d get a conversation and all we get is chaos.]

Edgar: Away, the foul fiend follows me! … go to thy cold bed and warm thee!

Lear: Didst thou given all to your two daughters?

Yes Lear, because all people are stupid enough to give everything to their daughters and then go nuts.  Oh yeah, and then disown them!

-Paulie 😛


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