King Lear Act 2 scenes 3 and 4 (to line 170)

So… Shakespeare.

Dearest Shakespeare,

You are an ingenious play-writer.  You use some exquisite plays on words that are so magnificent that most people don’t even  notice them.  The morals you teach are still in need of being taught today.  Your major themes are admired by people all around the globe.  Speaking of globes, do I even need to mention the Globe theater, as well as your other places of performance?

Okay, now that we are done being nice, let’s move on to King Lear!

Edgar: I heard myself proclaimed…Edgar I nothing am.

This small scene is very powerful because it gives a lot of insight on Edgar.  It shows how he feels like he has been so disgraced that he wants to run around like a poor beggar, and says that this man is no longer the noble Edgar.
I would love to know what Edmund would do if he heard how horrible the thing he did to his brother was.
Would he ask forgiveness?  Destroy him again?

Brotherhood is one of the most strong bonds in the world.



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