An Amazing Theatrical Adaption of Brotherly Love (King Lear 2:1+2)

So, Edmund frames Edgar to make it look like he just fought with him and ran off.  Edmund claims Edgar tries to get him in on a plot to kill the father, which doesn’t really exist, it is just another plot by Edmund to get rid of Edgar (which he has ever so carefully been working on the past few scenes).

Gloucester: Now Edmund, where’s the villain?

Edmund: Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out, Mumbling of wicked charms, conjuring the moon To stand auspicious mistress-

Gloucester: But where is he?

Edmund: Look sir, I bleed.

Gloucester: Where is the villain Edmund?

Edmund: Fled this way, sir

I particularly love this conversation, for its humor.  Gloucester seeing Edmund’s wounds wants to immediately hunt down Edgar, while Edmund keeps trying to make it look more real and like Edgar is a horrible person.  If I were to translate this scene into modern English…

Gloucester: Now Edmund, where’s the villain?

Edmund: Here stood he in the dark!  He was scary, and had a sword and was casting spells and scaring people-

Gloucester: Ya ya, nobody cares, where is he?

Edmund: Look, See this?  This is called blood!

Gloucester: And there’s a chair, and there’s a table.  WHERE DID HE GO BEFORE I KILL YOU INSTEAD!

Edmund: Calm it! Jeez!  He went there…

[Gloucester leaves]

Edmund:  Ya sure, just leave your son here bleeding to death… WHAT KIND OF A FATHER ARE YOU!?!?

Maybe I shouldn’t translate it.  After all, you all know what’s going on right?

The scene then goes on with a surprise visit from Regan!

Oh Joy!  The last daughter standing in Lear’s dysfunctional family.

But we shouldn’t stray, after all, we are busy with Edmund’s dysfunctional family now 🙂


-Just a Tip to End On-

Not Mine!

Not Mine!

Listen To Your Teachers and Elders.


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