A Week Ends; A New One Begins!

Hello Everyone!  How’s the crowd today!

Not Mine... But Funny

Not Mine… But Funny

That is kinda how I hope to feel… Not betrayed, but soaked in cold water to wake me up!

So… A week in one word… hmmm… what would it be… how about…umm… ermmm….


And I’m not talking about the finals that seem just around the corner, but I mean tests of friendship, remembering to do what is right at the times when you need to.

To tie it in with King Lear, he was tested multiple times, and he seemed to fail, or at least fall short.

Now we have King Lear going to Regan’s house, right?

I’m excited to see how well that goes, after Goneril’s little incident, my hopes aren’t that high.  Anyone else have thoughts?  Anyone? ANYONE AT ALL???


PS: Why is it that Inazuma Eleven seems so short and then they go and make 3 Spin off’s and do Chrono Stone and Galaxy can someone explain that to me please?

PPS:  SP/WildHorse45 (or whatever) got me to join DevainArt.  Check it out if you want to see me

1. Fail as an artist

2. Be one of those people who don’t do anything but comment on everyone else’s stuff


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