Help, Ungratefulness, and Another Disowned Daughter (King Lear end of Act 1)

Not Mine!

Not Mine!


Always be ready to lend a helping hand.
That is a lesson I (personally) need to learn, and many others do too.  Many times people need a helping hand, but we just don’t have the compassion to help them.
And it is a theme that is very common in the ending of Act 1, even if it is not so obvious.
And not so much people having compassion, but the lack thereof.

” How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is To have a thankless child! Away, away!”

Here King Lear disowns yet, another daughter (is it like some new fad?).  On top of that, Lear gives a pretty nasty curse.
But don’t think that Goneril was completely in the wrong. She had done horrible things, but so did Lear.
So, with his second daughter successfully done away with, Lear decides to go to his last daughter.
This would be where Goneril would step in to CARE about her father and LEND A HELPING HAND.  Are you getting where our theme kicks in now?
Also, Lear seems like he is pretty new to this whole “father” thing.  King Lear is known for teaching the lesson of “Unconditional Love”.
And what is even better than looking and pointing fingers at everyone who doesn’t show unconditional love, is looking at yourself.
Food for thought.
PS:  Thanks to Wildhorse45 for LENDING A HELPING HAND and posting all this for me while I had technical difficulties on my computer


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