A Confused Kagami and King Lear (Act 1 Scene 2)

Edmund: Thou Nature art my goddess… Now gods, stand up for bas*****!

(The last word is blocked because I have some younger readers.)  So, Did I miss something?  I feel like Edmund is having a conversation with himself, and I’m not sure If he’s Insane, or schizophrenic.  This is how I feel:

Kagami is not mine!!!

Kagami is not mine!!!

Yep… Super confused, and its not about this month’s nendoroid line up (Seriously, is anything interesting coming soon with them???).  About the book.  It is obviously possible that Edmund could be having a soliloquy of some sort, but I’m generally not sure.  Now, I actually drew a picture for this post that would go here, but my lovely scanner and my amazing Internet connection don’t feel like working!

Okay… Text Text Text…. Old English Old English Old English…. Here!  Line 159:

Edgar: Shall I hear form you anon?

So after a surprisingly clear yet complicated conversation between the half brothers, or sort of brothers(…. What are they called? ) (Somebody comment if you know the right word please) we see Edmund going into (yet another) soliloquy about his brother.  I’m not too sure about what each one has up his sleeve, but I’m ready to find out!

Let’s see who gets first in the comments this time!! MWAHAHAH!

-Paulie-kun 😜

PS: I realized this post needs a demotivational….. Ummmm…. Here: This one:

Not Mine!

Not Mine!

And because TK/Mythologyandhorses NEVER has had enough ponies in her life:

Not Mine Either!

Inazuma Eleven Ponies! Not Mine Either!

-Paulie-kun (Again!)


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