Beowulf Up to 35

Ever since we saw Beowulf defeat Grendel’s Mother in the last reading, we have all been on pins and needles to see what the remaining 2000 or so lines of poetry will bring.  I had a feeling we would see another monster, and we were all happy to see who it was!

when a dragon awoke from its darkness And dreams and brought terror to the people.  The beast had slept in a huge tower, with a hidden path beneath

Yaay!  I hereby dub thee Grendel Ver. 3!

So, Here we get a passage, where Beowulf had been king for 50 winters, and some servant stumbles on Grendel Ver. 3, takes a silver cup, and accidentally wakes up a ferocious dragon, who then goes on a rampage burning the country.  Sounds like fun huh?  I personally am excited to see if Beowulf fights him.  I would like to see how his previous experiences with dragons come in handy, and if this one is anything like the others.  I also am wondering, because the book is going quickly, by the time Grendel Ver. 3 is defeated it looks like there would still be a few hundred lines of poetry left, so what happens then!?!?


-Just a Tip-

Reading When you are tired isn’t a good idea unless you are extremely focused.  You may not loose track of what is happening, not pay attention, or fall asleep!



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