Beowulf Up to 24 😃

As his words ended He leaped into the lake, would not wait for anyone’s answer

Here we see the beginning of one of the most interesting scenes so far!  We see the amazing fight between Beowulf and Grendel’s  mother!

Not Mine!  Credit to the Show (Ika Musume) and to

Not Mine! Credit to the Show (Ika Musume) and to

And the fight goes on for what the book calls “Hours”…  Ya… there seems to be a bit of an issue.  I have a strange feeling that Beowulf might… oh i don’t know… die from being underwater for “hours” without breathing???  Am I missing something here?  I know that the Ika Musume (AKA Squid Girl)  we have above could do that, but something is telling me Beowulf couldn’t.

Is it possible Grendel’s Mother had some sort of air bubble?  A cave maybe?  All plausible, but I guess we will never really know exactly what the author was thinking.  I would love to go deeper, but there isn’t much the author gives us to work with.  My other note there, was how the book kept describing the lake being boiling with blood.  So… then how did Beowulf see?

~ Paulie 😜

—Just a Note—

Also not mine!

Also not mine!

A note on translations:

Some translations are better than others.  I am using Burton Raffel’s Translation of Beowulf.


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