Beowulf 7-9

No man swims in the sea as I can, and no strength is a match for mine.

Photo on 9-10-13 at 7.53 PMHere Beowulf is bragging about his strength, and boasts that he is the best.  Nothing less from the protagonist of the book 😃.  He then goes even further to trash talk the man who was questioning his abilities, by saying that he killed his brothers!  This, must not have settled well with him.  This Beowulf guy comes over to save the day, brags about killing nine sea monsters, then tells everyone he killed his brothers… Ouch.  Here though, it mentions somebody named Brecca, who seems to be a childhood friend of Beowulf?  Maybe acquaintance? Is anyone sure what he is, and if he is even important (he probably is)?  Also, I wasn’t extremely certain if Grendel attacked every night, or just randomly, and if he killed whoever he found, or just the important people.  From what I understood he would kill people in the prince’s house every night, and that is why Beowulf came to “save the day”.

Well, now it is time to see if Beowulf will show his strength (and to She Who Must Know, you were 100% RIGHT!  This is MUCH better then Evangeline [But we shouldn’t be slandering great works of literature {But still! <Wow!  This has more inclusions than an algebra problem!>}]).

Happy Reading 😜



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