Does a Beowulf taste good?

No… a Beowulf is not a food.  Its an epic poem.  My initial reaction to the word was “What does it taste like?” and “What color is it?”, so it is  important to gather some background knowledge on the book… before, well… reading it.  If anyone remembers the last epic poem I read, Evangeline, then you might already know what an epic poem is.  An epic poem, according to, is ” a long narrative poem telling of a hero’s deeds”.  The same source says Beowulf is :


( italics ) an English alliterative epic poem, probably written in the early 8th century a.d.

the hero of this poem.
That basically outlines what we are getting into, but isn’t enough.  After all, we are actually reading it.  According to another source, many people and events in Beowulf are real people and historical events, which leads the question, was Beowulf himself real?  Well, it is plausible, but not very likely.
So, Are you ready for an all new book???
Sources (For she who must know):
This is my 50th Blog Post!  Hurrahh!

6 thoughts on “Does a Beowulf taste good?

  1. Paulie, I find it very interesting that you thought Beowulf was a food or color or something, you know what I mean 😛 anyways, there must be something making us think that because I vaguely felt the same way. I’m not sure why yet, but we should look into that. Maybe once we start reading it’ll make sense…??

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