Procrastination and Something Else Too (Through 40 of Huck Finn)

“It ain’t no use to learn you anything Huck.

Yes… Procrastination.  That completely sums up all the details that Tom put into the escape with Jim plan.  Waiting…Waiting…Doing Something Useless……then..BAM!  A million farmers are hunting Jim down.  It wasn’t necessarily all Tom did, but the time it took.  Sometimes, time will heal, and make things better.  In other circumstances, taking too much time will ruin a plan, or, ruin yourself.

Recently, I have become obsessed with Baking.  I know, I always cook, but I have been baking a lot recently (ask She Who Must Know , I recently gave her a taste of my Chocolaty Orange Fudge cake, which is also Vegan!).

If you take too long mixing, or bake too long, or … do ANYTHING outside the normal time range… Your cake is gonna suck… 😦

TAke time and do things right!



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