Huck Goes to Hell…..Again (Up to Ch 32 in Huck Finn)

Yes… There are a lot of swearing in the book, so I’m going to replace the “n” word with the word “black” or “slave” when appropriate. Back them the n word wasn’t a curse word, but just part of the everyday vernacular.

he was my slave,and that was my money. Where is he?-I want my slave.

Huck is horrified when he finds out the ratty old king sold Jim. But that isn’t the only thing that shows how much Huck loves Jim. Let’s rewind a little.

It made me shiver. And I made up my mind to pray; and see if I couldn’t try to quit being the kind of a boy I was, and be better…all right then, I’ll go to hell.

Here we see Huck thinking that because he let Jim live a free life, he sees freeing a slave as huge sin. He thinks that by not sending Jim to Miss Watson that he is condemning himself to burning in eternal flames… Déjà-Vous right? Didn’t I attempt to go over the Huck rotting in hell thing at the beginning of the book? Anyway, something we see as a good deed now is thought of as a major sin then. Why is that? Were blacks not considered humans?

If you remember, earlier in the book, there was a part were Jim was talking about how much beloved his children and Huck says that it is like he actually loves his family, and that it doesn’t seem natural. I would say that Huck, and maybe all the people at that time, believe that black people aren’t people…but so,e sort of animal.

What do you think?


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