Friends, Feuds, And A Lot of Death And Blood (Through Chapter 20 of Huckleberry Finn)

So.. A lot of things happened in the past few chapters, but one thing really hit me. Please, if you haven’t read through 20, read it before this post, I don’t want to spoil stuff for people, and this post will contain a lot of spoilers.


Let’s focus on chapters 16, 17 and 18. Unlike how I normally do it, I will do the quote later, okay?

So, we see Huck lying about himself to get into some guy’s house. The guy threatens to shoot him, and as soon as he gets in, the guy gives Huck a pat down and questioning (What is he, some sort of security guy?). He apparently finds Huck innocent of whatever he thought Huck was doing, which was apparently being a Sheperdson. Well, as we read the rest of this section in the book, we see a story which immediately shocked me as being very close to Romeo and Julliet. I love the part where Buck explains what a feud is to Huck. It is very… Well…. Read it for yourself:

“Well,” says Buck, ” a feud is this way. A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man’s brother kills him; then the other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another; then the cousins chip in- and by-and-by, there’s no more feud. But it’s kinda slow, and takes a long time. “

Let’s ignore they fact that in Buck’s last statement he repeates the same thing twice (My inner English teacher is going nuts!) , and look at the content of what he’s saying. It seems that the feud he’s illustrating isn’t a game show on TV, or just an argument. He is talking about a heartless little war. It makes me want to cry, thinking that he doesn’t even see an end to fighting until everyone is dead. Is that the way he is raised? Does he feel like there is no way to stop the fighting until everybody’s dead. Maybe that is his perception of the feud he is in, and maybe he sees no end to it but violence and murder.

How sad is that! A thirteen year old who is hard-wired to kill or be killed, or at least, that is what his subconscious knows. We can see that by how he doesn’t see an end to his feud until everyone is dead.


And sadly, that seems to be what happened. We see that at the end.

I cried a little when I covered up Buck’s face, for he was mighty good to me.

Huckleberry is also a 13 year old (we see that when he says that Buck was about his age, 13 or 14) who has emotions and feelings. He isn’t just some runaway rag boy who doesn’t care about people. He formed a genuine relationship with Buck, sadly one I don’t think he will ever form again. Huckleberry will definitely miss Buck, and this part in the book was not a tangent, it was a very revealing part that shows us a little of Huckleberry’s heart…

What do you think?

UPDATE: March 2014:  Was re-reading a few posts, and found a decent amount of errors in this one, most likely caused by auto-correct.  Dang you Auto-Correct!!!!


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