Parents and Children, Chapters 2-6 of Huckleberry Finn

So far, nothing new. I can’t really see much of a plot in this book except for Huck’s father coming into play.

He said he’d cowhide me till I was black and blue if I didn’t raise some money for him.

From chapter 5, this quote is one of the million examples in the book of Huck’s father being a TERRIBLE parent. Earlier, we have the rant about Huck’s being better than his father, and that being a bad thing, then he demands Huck’s 6000 dollars, which Huck’s gave up so his dad wouldn’t bug him about it. I don’t even think he deserves to be called dad, or even father. Parenthood is surrounded by love, unconditional love for your child. Even a woman who is pregnant loves her baby. (I think abortion is directly from the devil, with no reason for being a normal thing. It is murder. There are more babies killed in abortions than in any war ever fought! How long have abortions been around, maybe 60 years, more or less? Maybe like 100? Are these people ashamed to be parents? Did they not consciously decide to have this baby, and they want to murder it. Even if it was an accident, what kind of cruel heartless being doesn’t love it’s own offspring? Even dogs love their children, even the beasts of the Forrest. They don’t destroy their own creation, AND THEY ARE FREAKING BEASTS! What does that make humans? Aren’t we supposed to be superior? Are we really superior?). A parent (who has anything to be called a living being) (who has any emotions) (who can even be insane) should and does love his/her child. Back to the book. Huck’s father doesn’t seem to care, at all. He has no emotions, and beats him black and blue. Are you that child? Are you that kind of parent? (I’m glad I’m not that child! 😄)

With that, happy Lent, and FORGIVE ME A SINNER!


7 thoughts on “Parents and Children, Chapters 2-6 of Huckleberry Finn

  1. Paulie,
    First of all, dogs are not beasts. Second of all, I agree that abortion is murder, but that doesn’t always mean that the parents hate the child, they could have a reason that seems fair to them and they decide that it’s not killing anyone, even though we believe it is. Third of all, how do you know that abortions have killed more babies than during a war? Where is your source of information? (just asking) Also, different parents show their emotions differently. Maybe Huck’s father doesn’t understand how hurtful he’s being towards his son. He might be trying to show affection but doesn’t know how to…just a few points to think about…
    And as we begin our lenten journey, forgive me a sinner,

    • God Forgives!
      I see your point with your first and last points, but not your second. How can abortions be justified? Does a teenage girl who got pregnant with her boyfriend become justified because of her age? Is she so wrapped up in what others think of her that she won’t go through with her decision to get pregnant? Who told her to do… Whatever… And get pregnant? Who was forcing her? Who forced anyone? It might not mean she hates the child, but she definitely doesn’t love it. How can you love someone you kill? And what about her parents? Are they forcing her to go through with her abortion? They weren’t involved in her getting pregnant, so they shouldn’t be involved in her abortion. What about her boyfriend, the baby’s father. He, as the father, is responsible for the baby and his “wife”. Financially and in other ways to. He is more responsible than the girl is, and, being a teenage guy, is probably telling her to get rid of the baby because he is too selfish or lazy or unwilling to take that responsibility. He probably tells her to wonder what other people to think, and tells her it will ruin her life.
      Now that you have seen all the sides of this scenario, what do YOU think the right thing to do is. Either way, her and her boyfriend are responsible (weather they like it or not) for their baby. Getting rid of it doesn’t solve the problem, only makes it worse.

      And yes, I do have an article, but don’t have it on me. There were (if my memory is a reliable source) about over a million abortions a year, or every 2 years. The number is probably much much more now. When i find it I will let you know.


      • Yes, but in your comment, you completely contradicted that. You said that he was responsible but he was too lazy and selfish to take on the job of being a father. Do you mean that he would be responsible, but that he just doesn’t feel like it? And also, I think we are both on the same side of this debate so I don’t know why we are having one.
        By the way, my car isn’t starting again so I have to go check on that 🙂

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