Superstition (Chapters 16-22 of The Red Badge of Courage)

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The men’s faces grew doleful from their interpreting of omens.

Your kidding me, right? These men are in a war, and they are not putting 100% because of some omen!?! What the heck is wrong with them! I didn’t know the military was made up of morons!!! Even if omens were true, that isn’t an excuse to give up, or even let it bug you! Look at this, a cople sentences later :

The men were disheartened and began to mutter. They made gestures expressive of the sentence: “Ah, What more can we do?”. And it could always be seen that they were bewildered by the alleged news and could not fully comprehend a defeat.

What more can they do? Hope? Pray? Wonder?
How about getting off your lazy butt, stop whining like some baby, and bust your butt to win the stupid battle!!!! If everyone is in this depression, they don’t even need to fight! It is obvious that they would loose because of their attitude! It is all mind over matter in this case.


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