Whaaaaa! Chapters 14 and 15Whaaa- Ch. 14 and 15 0f Red Badge of Courage

“Not a bit,” said the youth. “Why, lord, man, you didn’t see nothing of the fight. Why!” Then a sudden thought came to him. “Oh! Jim Conklin’s dead.”

His friend started. “What? Is he? Jim Conklin?”
The youth spoke slowly. “Yes. He’s dead. Shot in th’ side.” “Yeh don’t say so. Jim Conklin. . . . poor cuss!”

I am hit by a couple things here.  One,  the war seems to make everyone used to seeing corpses lying around.  I mean, they didn’t seem too upset to find their comrade dead.  Also, why do they use the word cuss?  According to the dictionary, it could mean stubborn, but why is the dead man found to be stubborn?  Also, a shot in the side might not have killed him, unless it hit the heart or something.  He was so lucky to be that 1 in a million!


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