Dehydration (Red Badge of Courage, Chapters 11-13

He could not see with distinctness. Small patches of green mist floated before his vision.

Dehydration. This has happened to me before. He is seriously dehydrated.

You get a strange feeling in your stomach, your head totters. You get a little bit of vertigo. You feel your neck burn with a hot fire. Then, you see black… Then a green haze. Then………..

Hopefully someone is there to wake you up and give you a drink. This happened to me while exercising, running actually. My experience almost exactly matches that of the book. It shows that Mr. Crane did his homework. He actually knows what it feels like. His account is also very descriptive. The lesson, drink your water. I know, it isn’t as deep or thoughtful as most my stuff, but it is important to drink.



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