The Red Badge of Courage (Ch. 5) OH GAWD!

The men dropped here and their like bundles.

do I even need to go on and on about how messed up war is, and how it traumatized people for life? It makes me cry to see people my age playing video games where they act this out. Not only does it traumatize and desensitize them, but it IS JUST PLAIN GROSS! OH GAWD!

Here is a familiar quote:

Thou shall not kill.

Christian or Jewish or Muslim or whatever, everyone knows killing is on the no no list. By killing a person, you end their life, their time. They can no longer repent, or do good, or do bad for that matter. They are dust buried in the ground. All their family mourns at he lost of a beautiful baby’s parent, who he/she will never meet. A grandfather, who will never meet his grandchildren, a father, cursed never to meet his children. And all this, all this, a reality by simply pulling a trigger.

Does america notice all the killings taking place? People cry when others die, yet they make these video games TRAINING young people to kill, making it seem like a fun thing. In The Red Badge of Courage, Henry recalls that people made war seem fun like an adventure, and all the people wanted to leave because they were horrified. Why aren’t the kids who play Call of Duty horrified????

Food for thought

~A Very Upset Paulie


7 thoughts on “The Red Badge of Courage (Ch. 5) OH GAWD!

  1. wow i never thought about video games like that until just now and you have an AMAZING point. i agree with you completely but just try looking at it a different way. maybe people who play those games really are scared out of their minds- maybe their just playing it because they can- maybe they find a way to work around the fear just so they can have the bragging right of it… or maaayyyybbeeee they don’t care at all and we are just mune (opposite of immune) to it because we aren’t used to it and it seems like a big horrible monster to us. woah i just thought of something: maybe by making all those people die in it, it will make kids NOT want to fight in war and kill people…just like the exercise we did in class with the punctuation…? just something to think about…
    ~da captain…
    p.s. we had to blog for english?!?!?!?!?
    p.p.s. your first THEIR should be THERE… I’m sorry… Mrs. Najjarian must be getting to me… JK!! but seriously it should be 🙂
    okay now I’m really leaving- da captain

  2. 1. I think the Koran encourages Muslims to kill people whoa re not Muslims, as that is their ticket to Heaven.(If I’m wrong about this, please correct me)
    2. Second, they don’t care that they’re killing people because they know that those zombies/evil persons are pixels. Just pixels and coding. They don’t have souls. They aren’t real people and everyone knows it. Sure, you can play MW3 for months, but then if you are suddenly drafted and sent off to Afghanistan/Iraq/Iran, they will probably be scared to kill someone, because that person is alive, he has a soul, he can hear you and see you. And it will be on your conscience that you ended someone’s life.
    3. I think these video games are being made so that people toughen up, and when WWIII comes, they won’t be afraid to kill people.

    Those are my two cents.

    • I totally agree, and if I remember the Koran says something like killing in Holy War is okay, and holy war is supposed to spread Islam. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. I still don’t see how killing spreads Isalm, but then again there are many things about our religion that others don’t understand.

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