Goodbye Act 3!

Yep!  I finished reading Act 3.  It was pretty straightforward….. NOT!

Silvius:  Sweet Phoebe, do not scorn me.

Here is part of the last scene of Act 3.  It made NO sense whatsoever!   All I really understood was that this Silvius guy like Phoebe.  Apparently that doesn’t sit well with Rosalind, who tells Silvius to find somebody who is worth his love, and called Phoebe a commoner. After that, they all stormed off, but Silvius continued to woo Phoebe.  Is that what happened?  Is there anything else? Is reading this actually worth my time?

Phoebe: Go with me, Silvius

Apparently Phoebe like Silvius as well.

Have a nice day!




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