Act 3 Scene 1

This scene had only like 3 lines, so I’ll go ahead and use the whole thing as a quote:



Not see him since? Sir, sir, that cannot be:
But were I not the better part made mercy,
I should not seek an absent argument
Of my revenge, thou present. But look to it:
Find out thy brother, wheresoe’er he is;
Seek him with candle; bring him dead or living
Within this twelvemonth, or turn thou no more
To seek a living in our territory.
Thy lands and all things that thou dost call thine
Worth seizure do we seize into our hands,
Till thou canst quit thee by thy brothers mouth
Of what we think against thee.


O that your highness knew my heart in this!
I never loved my brother in my life.


More villain thou. Well, push him out of doors;
And let my officers of such a nature
Make an extent upon his house and lands:

Do this expediently and turn him going.



Wow!  “I never loved my brother in my life”.  That is terrible.  Brothers are like…BROTHERS!  The philosophy of brothers loving each other is so basic that I am not completely sure of what I should say here.  I even think I already talked about this earlier!

Being somebody’s brother is one of the closest relationships you can have with a person.  You grow up with your brother, you are a big part of the life of your brother, e.t.c.,.  It just goes on!

Do you have a brother?

Are You somebody else’s brother?


Bye Bye!


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