More on 1:2

I’m going to keep talking now.

What I was saying was, you can plan to have fun,  but you can’t force it.  Also, I wanted to go in a little more detail about the cousin’s relationship, because it is messed up!  Celia’s father, who BANISHED Rosalind’s father (BANISHED!!!) didn’t keep Rosalind around just because, he kept her in his court because he knew Celia was her friend, and he wanted Celia to be happy.  He had NO feelings for Rosalind other than  that of an object.  Rosalind was just something to keep Celia happy.

Sorry I forgot the ending on the last post!  I put it above, my computer has been going WHACK!

What do you want for Christmas?  There’s a comment section down below! Go Ahead!


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