As You Like it 1:2 (MUCH nicer than 1:1

As the title explains, this chapter was a BREEZE compared to 1:1.
Let’s jump right in:

Celia: I pray thee, Rosalind, sweet my coz, be merry.

Okay, there us one thing I want to point out. As it is obvious, Celia is Rosalind’s coz/cousin. Rosalind is depressed due to her father’s banishment, even though she is a welcomed guest in the home of her uncle, who was the man who banished her father. Celia is being a kind friend, and is trying to cheer Rosalind up. Friends help each other, especially when their father is banished by the duke :/

Friends are not friends to have fun, or because they have no life, but they are there to be a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand. The fun comes later. As my school’s principal would often say, “Fun is an outcome, not a goal”. That means that fun just happens, you can’t plan it.


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