Evangeline is DONE!-SPOILER ALERT!

“Sometimes they saw, or though they saw, the smoke of his campfire.”

This is where the story REALLY takes a tragic turn.  Evangeline and Basil the blacksmith are searching for Basil’s son Gabriel whom apparently is still alive.  They follow him, see his campfire smoke, and when they get there the fire has become embers and they see Gabriel is long gone.  Then they see his campfire and repeat.  I wonder if they meet him.  If there is a joyous greeting and the story has a happy ending.  Judging by the cover photo of the book:


Ahhh… Another Love Story…



I don’t think so.

“Not six suns have risen and set”

Here we see Evangeline gets to a mission.  The priest is saying Not six suns have risen and set since Gabriel passed through here.  Looks like Evangeline is catching up with her lover.


“Kissed his dying lips, and laid his head on her bosom.”

Yep.  After reading the book, and reading this quote, there isn’t much to say.  She found him, and was there for his dying breath.  Somebody told me that many people only view the story of Evangeline’s search for Gabriel, but it is actually her search for a last bit of homeland.  Okay… I didn’t really, well, think too much of it.  It just seems that she is right, end of discussion.  But I discovered this fact for myself when reading the last bit of it.  And that Evangeline’s story is still being read around fires back in Acadia.


Oh, and what will I read Next?  Oh!  I’ll choose it As you like it!


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