Part The Second, Part 2

“Far down the beautiful river… floated a cumbrous boat, that was rowed by Acadian boatmen.”

Here, we get a glimpse of The Expulsion of The Acadians, when all the Acadians were forced to leave Acadia by the English. They moved all over the country, but most went to Louisiana.  That explains the huge French population there.

” ‘Only Beware of the fever, my friends, beware of the fever!  For it is not, like that of our cold Acadian climate, Cured by wearing a spider round one’s neck in a nutshell.’ “

Last I checked wikipedia, a fever was cured by taking an ibuprofen and resting.  What is this hoax!?!  Nutshell!?!

We can see that the Acadians, maybe had superstitions, but ultimately had witch doctor like cures for things.  I mean, there must have been some reason for the spider-nutsell treatment worked at all!  Would the spider bite them and the venom cure you?  Is it just that the fever would naturally go down and they would say it was the nutshell?  Well, the only thing to do now is to read on.

Bye Bye! 😄

🎅🎄Can’t wait for Christmas!🎄🎅


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