Evangeline: Part the Second: Part 1

” But Evangeline’s heart was sustained by a vision, that faintly Floated before her eyes, and beckoned her on through the moonlight.  It was the thought of her brain that assumed the shape of this phantom.  Through those shadowy aisles had Gabriel wandered before her, And the stroke of the oar now brought him nearer and nearer.”



Here there is a simple thought, and a simple event, with a deeper meaning.  It is as simple as Mind over Matter.  Evangeline thinks she sees Gabriel, but it is, “the thought of her brain”.  It also gives a deeper meaning to the lover’s relationship.  We see that she loved Gabriel soo much, loosing him was soo traumatic for her, she went into shock.  Her hallucinations of him, floating on the sea by the moonlight, were because she couldn’t stand to loose him.  She couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing him again…


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