Evangeline : Delving Deeper

As the tittle suggests, I delved deeper in Evangeline. Not only did I read a lot more than usual, but I am going to try to make my responses more thoughtful. So, let’s go right in! ( For those who must know, I finished Part The First, and if I read some of Part the Second I will make a new post for that)

“Where the ships, with their wavering shadows, we’re riding at anchor. Life had been astir in the village, and clamorous labor. Knocked with its hundred hands at the golden gates of the morning. Now, from the country around, the farms and neighboring hamlets, Came in their holiday dresses the blithe Acadian peasants.”

Here we have at the beginning, a short snippet of a seascape. ships with their wavering shadows. That sounds,scary. Morbid. Horrific. Imagine being On the dock, in the dark wavering shadows, listening to the ships as they slowly rock back and forth, creaking as they go. That is not a pleasant thing to imagine. Especially if your an Acadian peasant. But they were all happy in their holiday garb…

Later in the Epic Poem,

“Every house was an inn, where al were welcomed and feasted.

Here we see the beauty of the Acadian village. Earlier we read how they didn’t have locks on their doors or bars o their windows, but every house an inn?
Every meal given to a hungry traveller a feast?

“More he fain would have said, but the merciless hand of a soldier smote him upon the mouth and dragged him down to the pavement”

Here we see the fate of Basil the blacksmith’s son. Outraged that English soldiers would just march in to their home and take over, he cursed the tyrants of that European country. No sooner spoken, a soldier, outraged, smacked him on his mouth, and he crumpled to the floor.

Moving onward and forward,

” ‘Gabriel!’ cried she aloud with tremulous voice;but no answer came from the graves of the dead, nor the gloomier graves of the living.

To Be Continued…


One thought on “Evangeline : Delving Deeper

  1. scarf burberry says:

    Hi, i’ve happen to be a lurker around your blog for several months, i love this text and the complete site! Looking send to examining more!

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