Evangeline Part 2

“Thus, At Peace With God and the World, the farmer of Grand-Pré Lived on his sunny farm, and Evangeline Governed his household”

If you have not yet read this part, it is kinda cloudy.  Let’s re-wind

“Firmly builded with rafters of oak, the house of the farmer Stood on the side of a hill commanding the sea; and a shady Sycamore grew by the door, with a woodbine wreathing around it. Rudely carved was the porch, with seats beneath; and a footpath Led through an orchard wide, and disappeared in the meadow. Under the sycamore-tree were hives overhung by a penthouse, Such as the traveller sees in regions remote by the roadside, Built o’er a box for the poor, or the blessed image of Mary. Farther down, on the slope of the hill, was the well with its moss-grown Bucket, fastened with iron, and near it a trough for the horses. Shielding the house from storms, on the north, were the barns and the farm-yard, There stood the broad-wheeled wains and the antique ploughs and the harrows;  There were the folds for the sheep; and there, in his feathered seraglio, Strutted the lordly turkey, and crowed the cock, with the selfsame Voice that in ages of old had startled the penitent Peter. Bursting with hay were the barns, themselves a village. In each one Far o’er the gable projected a roof of thatch; and a staircase, Under the sheltering eaves, led up to the odorous corn-loft. There too the dove-cot stood, with its meek and innocent inmates Murmuring ever of love; while above in the variant breezes Numberless noisy weathercocks rattled and sang of mutation.

Thus, at peace with God and the world, the farmer of Grand-Pré Lived on his sunny farm, and Evangeline governed his household.”

Whoa!  Mr. Grande-Pré Farmer man is living the high life.  The place sounds lovely, like the perfect place to have a picnic or enjoy a sunset.  I wonder if the Author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, has ever been to a scenic place like this.  I wonder if I can Help Illustrate….

Wow… I don’t remember a seascape in the story

It isn’t a spot on photo that looks like it is from the story, but close.  Maybe this next one will help better…



Also, The last sentence gives us a pretty good idea of how old Evangeline is.  If she is old enough to govern a household, but still reasonably young, I would guess she is about … Maybe in her twenties or Thirties.

I stopped at Page 146, and everything after the quote was pretty confusing, but I got the gist of it.  Basically Evangeline is highly respected, and has many suitors.  Let’s see how this goes!


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