The Pride of the Village

This is (Hopefully) the last we read of Washington Irving and the last long run-on chain we encounter…. EVER!

Okay, so a quick note:  The next book I am reading is an ACTUAL BOOK (I hope) and is Evangeline by Henery Wadsworth Longfellow.

So, the quote:

“It was, like other tales of love, melancholy.”

WHAT!  I had to re read this one, Love, MELANCHOLY?

No no no, love is beauty, romance, sweetness, but then when I went on reading, she was in a bad position.  This was not a tale of love;  It went on to be a tale of heart brake.  So bad, she ended up dying.  So little the heart could endure!  Well, all we could do is wish she had a happy ending.

But, then again, she was the Pride of the Village.  Everybody mourned her untimely demise.  Everybody loved her, Everybody loves her.  Maybe, we should take life… more seriously.  More positively… More morally.

Think about it,

One bad move,

Could be your



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