Mountjoy Part 2

“So, having built the most delectable of air castles, I fell asleep.”

Who has thought about tomorrow right before going to bed? Well, In this Washington Irving tale, the young Mr. Mountjoy ( Who I spoke about last time) is talking about how he built “Castles in the sky”. To build castles in the sky means to fantasize about the future today. And it is usually a future, NEVER to come true. Mr. Mountjoy’s castle in the sky is his love, Julia. He desires to live with Julia, to love Julia, for Julia to love him. Julia! Oh Julia! Little does Mr. Mountjoy know, but Julia IS SMART. She is a genius. She stumps him many a time. Oh Well! The story ends as a mystery about the future.

Also, to my readers, I want to say I think this is my last Washington Irving short story. So long! Run-Ons!

Ciao for Now!


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