What is with the Washington Irving? Really!

“When I retired to bed, a new train of thoughts crowded into my brain.  ‘After all’, said I to myself, ‘It is clear this girl has a soul, though she was not moved by my eloquence.”


Here, Mr. Mountjoy (Yes, It’s a name) is talking about his love, who he finds to be stupid.  No, seriously! He acts as if he is the most important person in the world.  He acts as if he is a genius and everyone else is an idiot who doesn’t deserve his attention.  Talk about pride.  He gets hit back a while later in the story, while when recommending a book, his love says Oh that, ya… I HAVE THAT MEMORIZED!  Little Mr. Mountjoy probably didn’t have much joy after that.  Later, she also slaps him with Italian.  Well, the guy knows Greek and Latin but that isn’t going to help his chances with the ladies yet.

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