The Specter Bridegroom (SCARY!)

The Specter Bridegroom. (Que. scary music) Okay, It’s not too scary, but the run-ons are!  And, Once again, This is Washington Irving.  A fun fact about Irving is that his mother (WHO WAS A HUGE FAN OF GEORGE WASHINGTON) named him after him.

Okay, Bring on quote number 1!

“In the meantime the fatted calf had been killed; the forests had rung with the clamour of the huntsmen;…”

Yep, It’s a run on.  And it goes on.  I just wanted to focus on this part.  Guess what I’m Going to say… Go ahead… GUESS.


If you said “He’s gonna yap about it being a Biblical reference, your right! If you said “YUMMM! STEAK! HAMBURGERS! MEAT!”, then, you are TOTALLY thinking what I’m thinking.  Other than the only letters in my mind being B, B, and Q, I did catch the Biblical reference.  Remember, in The Prodigal Son, when the son came back the father killed the fatted calf,  and they all ate and made merry, and remember how I always complain about run-ons, and you realize this is probably the biggest run on you will ever see.

Quote two is coming in the ring.

“To have lost a husband even before she had even embraced him – and such a husband!”

This is about the bride mourning the groom.  Not much to say, but I liked the style of it.  It reminds me of The Princess Bride.


So, This is the end,

BYE! 🙂



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